Hi everybody, 

Maybe you have read it already in our newsletter or saw it on Instagram, but we’ll have to postpone the Dutch Lacross Cup. 
After such a busy lacrosse summer full of tournaments, we notice that the timing is somewhat optimistic. Which resulted in a shortage of sign-ups and us being unable to make teams. That’s why we decided to move the DLC to the spring of 2023. This way, we can warm up for the second half of the season and create the opportunity for all the starters next couple of months to participate as well. 

We are in contact with a couple of clubs to select a new weekend. (Preferably the last weekend before the start of the second season half) When we have any news, we’re sure to inform you. And we announce any news through our website www.dutchlacrossecup.nl as well.

We’ll open the new sign-up link when we have a new date. 

Thank you very much, and we’ll see you soon!
Sticks up!
Lacrosse Academy

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