We will use the ‘standard’ rule format from the FIL. But the games will be played in 2 periods of 20 minutes.
Link to FIL rule book

As a draft captain, you will be invited for the Club Draft. During this draft, the captains will pick a club blindly. Every club will have 3 people from the Men’s competition and 3 people from the Women’s competition. This way every club will have a strong core of 6 people.
After the Club Draft you, as draft captain, will have time to analyse all players that signed up. So you are well prepared at the player draft.

The organisation will first choose the draft captains, which will be invited to the draft. After the Club Draft, the captains have time to analyze all players and the information they have provided. Before the Player Draft starts, all clubs will pick a number blindly. This number represents the order in which the clubs may draft. When drafting the ones who will draft last in the first round, will draft first in the second round etc..
So for example, there are 3 clubs, number 1 drafts first, the number 2, then number 3. After number 3 we’ll start a new round and start with 3, then 2, then 1.

During the last week of September.

During November.

Yes, everybody who signs up will get drafted and will play.

No. The draft will happen behind closed doors and the order of drafting will not be revealed.

The first of October.

We will do our utmost to organise it this way!

You can sign up the morning of the game at the registration table. 

We will host only the games. If you and your team would like to train which each other, you need to organize this yourself.

Yes, Konnie made a typo. The second gameday is on the 27th of February

No, we have sorted all goalies over the teams so that every team has at least 1 goalie. If you don’t want to be a draft captain, you can just email events@lacrosse-academy.nl and we will deleted you as draft captain. 

As noted elsewhere on the site:

  • We start organizing in August.
  • You can sign up to be a Draft captain till the 31th of August. You can sign up as a player till the 30th of September.
  • The sign-up form will close on October first
  • The Draft captains will be announced through social media, our newsletter and the information email to all participants send at the end of October.
  • The draft will be held in November. And after the draft the teams will be announced as soon as possible in an email to all praticipants. 

  • The time schedule will be placed on the website in november at the latest. as well as the location where we will play. 

We follow all regulations very closely. As these regulations keep changing pretty rapidly we can’t say anything about the tournament until right in advance.

If we can postpone within the season, we probably will. But if we need to cancel, you will get your money back. 

No, unfortunately we do not offer any overnight stay possibilities

Yes, we do not arrange any meals. As we use the fields of the local sports club, we try and arrange for the canteen to be open but we can’t guarantee anything.  

Even more question? Email us and we'll add them!

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